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In Conversation With Axco Skyline

WATCH: How parametric is changing the insurance industry

From connected cows and hurricane-affected credit loans to cyber protection and more traditional classes, parametric is providing new ways of covering gaps, bringing additional capacity and providing solutions to customers worldwide. Laurent Sabatie of Skyline Partners talks to us about regulatory challenges, Skyline’s diverse product suite, underwriting capacity with industry partners and the use of technology that helps administer risk transfer at a large scale.


WATCH - Changing Risk Landscape: The Outlook

The volatile socio-political environment has thrown the trade credit and political risk market into the limelight again as corporate risk and insurance managers work out how to protect their companies in times of political unrest, further supply chain disruption and the growing cyber risk as we all have a greater reliance on technology. We consider whether these risks are insurable and how they can be incorporated into a global programme.

World Peace Hands

Supporting employees in times of conflict

A client recently asked Axco if we knew how they could help support their employees in Ukraine. Through ideas and observations gathered from local insights and multinational corporations, with active initiatives in both Ukraine and Russia, we at Axco are in a privileged position to collate practical solutions based on our global knowledge. These will, hopefully, be able to help those in conflict zones and contribute some respite to local employees in the face of war’s brutal outcomes.

Man And Worlds

Insurance Regulation Changes- Jan 2022

Staying on top of changes to insurance regulation is made easy with Axco's Regulatory Alerts product. Our team of dedicated, specialised researchers inform you of the most impactful changes in the market including notices of draft and proposed legislation. Recent alerts from global markets include:

Axco Report 2017 Small

Illuminating the dark world of ransomware

With a marked increase in ransomware incidents in 2021, what are the problems encountered at the governmental and intergovernmental levels that perpetuate the proliferation of ransomware and what role can insurance play in societal efforts to control this fast-developing corporate risk area?

Father With Baby

Paternity leave facing global focus

With recent emergency COVID measures largely coming to an end in 2021, paternity leave is perhaps set to overtake the pandemic as the liveliest aspect of the international employee benefits scene.


Insurance Regulation Changes

Keeping up to date with changing requirements across jurisdictions and understanding how these changes might impact your business is made easier with Axco’s Regulatory Alerts service. Our in-house team of insurance experts evaluate information sources, assess the changes, and publish easy-to-understand analyses. Recent changes to highlight from Regulatory Alerts Premier include ...


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Flag Of Tunisia

A Constitutional Storm Clouds Tunisia's Forecast

In January, Axco's GRID team warned of the precarious path ahead for Tunisian democracy as it sought to weather the storm of COVID-19 and longer-term socioeconomic disparities. Now, that path appears to have reached a cliff edge.

Ransomware What Can Insurance Do

Gangsters’ Paradise: The Rise and Rise of Ransomware

In 2020, reports of Ransomware increased by 485%, according to a report by cyber-security firm Bitlocker. Not only are these attacks becoming more frequent, but they are also becoming more sophisticated. A proliferation of off-the-shelf tools and franchise arrangements allows even less tech-savvy data thieves a route into the market. Is insurance the answer?

Marine Container Ship

Carry on Shipping: Maritime Chokepoints after the Ever Given

The Ever Given has been freed, but what are the risks that maritime chokepoints have to the marine industry

Globe Middle East

Global carriers reconsider appetite for Middle East risks in light of Covid

Insurers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel face increase in business interruption losses as well as premium taxes, as governments seek to replenish finances dented by coronavirus.

Chinese Lanterns

Liberalisation of motor insurance rating in China

At the end of 2019, there were 179 active insurance companies in China, of which 89 were non-life and 90 were life, health and pensions. Within the non-life category, 67 were domestic and 22 were foreign-invested (with at least 25% foreign shareholding).

Brazil Flag

A non-admitted insurance case study using Axco's information

Brazil is by far the largest insurance market in Latin America. In this case study, learn how knowledge of key legislative changes, detailed across Axco's suite of products, can keep you up-to-date with the latest requirements in an insurance market, putting you in a stronger position to perform better.

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