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2021 – A Triple Threat from Climate Risks

Each passing year brings a renewed expectation of climate risks, but 2021 could well be the year that really crystallises national vulnerabilities. Climate change is a multiplier for a range of risks, and we expect storms of increasing number and severity, alongside a continuing La Niña episode, to layer over the COVID-19 pandemic that has already stretched the resilience of many countries.


Aviation: Impact of Boeing Crash

Axco analyses the impact on the aviation and insurance industries after crashes of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in Ethiopia and Indonesia killed over 300 people.

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Axco’s ‘The World Ahead’ Report Analyses Key Risks of 2021

Following a tumultuous year in 2020, this year looks to be one of more hope, yet is likely to remain difficult to navigate. Read what is on the minds of Axco’s Global Risk Intelligence and Data (GRID) team who have identified and analysed many of the key geopolitical risks that may shape the world ahead.

Clinical Trials

The Unique Complexities of Clinical Trials

The insurance of clinical trials has its unique complexities. Clinical trials are subject to a high degree of regulation, and each country is governed by its own strict rules to ensure the protection of its citizens. Since organisations face potential liability from their involvement in clinical studies, it is necessary to have a specialised insurance program to anticipate and mitigate the various risk exposures.

Insurers Influence Behaviour

Should Insurers Influence Behaviour?

The insurance industry is trying to sharpen up the way it does business. Increasing ranges of policies are looking to use data to improve their risks and consequently, to improve their pricing and customer service. What is being done and what is the impact? In this article, Axco analyses the key industry trends.

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Top Geopolitical Risks of 2019

This year marks Axco’s second annual preview of the top risks that will affect businesses and investors in the year ahead. Although analysts never anticipate every headline that captures international attention, we aim to distil the significance of the most important developments that will inform decision-makers.     

Oil Rig

From Brazil to Brunei: The Effect of Oil on the Insurance Industry

Brazil could be the next hotspot for the oil industry but Brunei is struggling. Axco examines recent events and the future of these two differing economies, as well as discussing the oil trends' effect on the insurance industry, including employee benefits.


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Models In Medical Insurance

Changing Models in Medical Insurance: Evolving Cost Structures

CVS Health Corp, one of the largest U.S. pharmacy benefits managers, has offered to buy Aetna Inc., the third-largest US health insurer, for a reported eye-watering $69bn (the deal awaits regulatory approval).

Life Sciences

Life Sciences: The Role of Technology

The prevention, diagnosis and cure of disease involve constant research and testing of new procedures.  In the modern age, medical devices perform a critical role in the lives of millions of people across the world.

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Belt and Road Recipients Balance Strategic Risks with Economic Opportunities

China's Belt and Road Initiative has attracted governments seeking funding for much-needed infrastructure projects, especially in developing countries with acute population and fiscal pressures.

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