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International Employee Benefits

Delivering crucial global insight into market developments, statutory requirements and typical practices, whilst helping to identify potential shortfalls or over-provision in benefits in each market.

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How Axco data can help

To help manage employee benefits globally, we provide essential information to ensure you are able to respond to information requests and market changes. Covering the latest developments in mandatory requirements as well as typical employer practice.

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Domain Expertise

Team of expert researchers provide in-depth analysis of each territory with information and insights into local employee benefits

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Easily compare markets

Key information to understand and compare the key employee benefits, market practice and emerging trends in global markets

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Why choose us for international employee benefits

Icon Foremost Industry Provider
The foremost industry provider

We are the leading supplier of global insurance market information with over 50 years’ experience in researching and publishing industry intelligence on insurance and employee benefits. We continue to raise the bar and evolve.

Icon Market Insights
Better market insights

We supply accurate and timely information on leading market players, market size and structure, distribution channels, and policy coverage and conditions, enabling users to identify commercial opportunities and develop effective marketing strategies.

Icon Impartial Andindependent
Impartial and independent

We work with the market for the market, building relationships and forming communities around the world. Our shared knowledge approach allows us to be completely neutral and unbiased in our data collection and analysis.


International Employee Benefits products

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