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The World Ahead 2024

Every year, Axco’s Global Risk team looks at developing trends across the globe, which we believe will have a significant impact on our clients. This process brings together all of our risk analysts and incorporates feedback from other insurance specialists inside Axco. From key global events and conflicts to developing risks that will be central to a region's near-term outlook. Take a truly global view and let Axco’s risk analysts help you prepare for 2024.

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European Farmers' Protests: Fertiliser, Fuel and CAP

Europe has faced a wave of protests by farmers across the continent in recent months. Their actions have included the blockading of highways and the targeting of critical logistics infrastructure, such as the 36-hour blockade of the Zeebrugge container port in Belgium in late January 2024.

Global Insurance Week

Axco’s Global Insurance Week: What to Expect from us! 

This April, join us for the Inaugural Axco Global Insurance Week. Apart from hearing from experts, colleagues and leaders from the multinational insurance industry, get unprecedented access to Axco’s stable of insurance consultants and staff.

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How Will an Uptick in Inflation Define the 2024 Election Cycle?

The end of 2023 and the first few weeks of this new year have seen numerous economic commentators begin to celebrate a so-called soft landing as the US Federal Reserve and other major central banks signal a likely pause in interest rate hikes, and economic data continues to show positive growth. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, on 5 January, stated as much, saying that a soft landing in the US economy was underway, before adding that Americans should “feel good about their future prospects” in a new low inflation, high wage growth environment.

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The Bab el Mandeb Strait and Panama Canal: Disruption to Global Supply Chains

Entering 2024, an unavoidable feature of geopolitical analysis has been the disruption facing two of the world’s key maritime chokepoints, the Bab el Mandeb Strait and the Panama Canal. Troublingly for shipping and the global economy, no near-term solution is in sight to resolve the disruption at either of these shipping lanes.

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Cyber An Ever-Evolving Risk

Cyber is one of the critical issues facing the global insurance market. Find out what the experts from the Axco Global Insurance Conference think!

Winners Are

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners

Multinational insurance superstars celebrated at Axco’s inaugural Global Insurance Awards in a glittering ceremony at the Hilton Bankside.


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Türkiye Elections

Can Defeat be Averted for Erdogan and the AKP in Türkiye’s General Elections?

Will Erdogan and the AKP be able to overcome economic struggles in the upcoming general election?


Heightened Competition in Swedish Market

Overview of insurers in the Swedish Market and the heightened competition being created by new entrants to the market.

The World Ahead 2023

Risky Business - the important themes, trends & events that may shape 2023

Every year, Axco’s Global Risk team looks at the major themes which we think will play an important role in the coming months. This process lets us draw a map of the terrain ahead and points out the tripwires for when real life deviates, as it almost always does.

In Conversation With Axco RISCS

WATCH: Captives and their evolving place in a hard-market

Captives, their regulatory concerns and the efficacy of reinsurance programs in supporting them is the order of the day in this episode of 'In conversation with Axco'. David Hully of RISCS talks to us about regulatory challenges, how captives can support the SME and Mid-Corp market and what the hard market could look like over the next 24-36 months.

In Conversation With Axco Skyline

WATCH: How parametric is changing the insurance industry

From connected cows and hurricane-affected credit loans to cyber protection and more traditional classes, parametric is providing new ways of covering gaps, bringing additional capacity and providing solutions to customers worldwide. Laurent Sabatie of Skyline Partners talks to us about regulatory challenges, Skyline’s diverse product suite, underwriting capacity with industry partners and the use of technology that helps administer risk transfer at a large scale.


WATCH - Changing Risk Landscape: The Outlook

The volatile socio-political environment has thrown the trade credit and political risk market into the limelight again as corporate risk and insurance managers work out how to protect their companies in times of political unrest, further supply chain disruption and the growing cyber risk as we all have a greater reliance on technology. We consider whether these risks are insurable and how they can be incorporated into a global programme.

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