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Understand the intricacies of 220+ insurance markets to ensure your clients have the best coverage for their exposures across multiple jurisdictions.

As hard market conditions continue, the challenge for brokers is increasing. The information you require to place complex risks and build cost-effective programmes needs to be reliable, accurate and easy to find. Our industry-leading information, sourced and verified directly from the local market, delivers insurance market information and data supporting your decision-making process to help structure global programmes that suit your client business risks and international exposures.

How we help brokers

Ensure regulatory compliance

Reduce uncertainty with access to the latest information on the increasingly widespread and complex insurance regulations and supervision controls. Our market specialists constantly update and interpret changes and proposed changes to regulation, verified through our expansive world-wide network.

Improve operational efficiency

Ensure business-wide understanding and agreement with a single, trusted source of information and insight. Access, understand, compare and easily share essential insight such as alerts to regulation changes or market developments. Customisation features allow you to include company-specific positions or contacts. 

Enhance customer relationships

Provide your clients with industry intelligence and resources for more informed discussions from an increased understanding of policy compliance.

Who is it for


Accessible, consistent and accurate information to ensure a complete understanding of local regulatory, taxation and compliance requirements on a global scale. Easily advise clients on the legal implications of non-complying with local insurance and tax regulations.


Understand the local insurers market in each territory and which are the most suitable to negotiate. Evaluate the adequacy of local insurers and cover provided, assessing factors such as typical limits, exclusions, special conditions, market practice as well as the legal and regulatory constraints.


Unrivalled access to tax considerations and insurance regulation changes across the global insurance business, not only detailing historical events but into upcoming developments, which could potentially impact compliance obligations in certain jurisdictions.


Understand claim payment nuances across multiple territories, such as whether claims are paid by the local insurer or payable under a master programme or the statutory limitation periods for claim reporting.

Employee Benefits

Assess global needs and trends of changing markets to develop compliant, attractive benefit plans for clients.

Axco products and services for consulting firms

Axco also offers a bespoke research service if you have a project with specific requirements. Find out more by visiting this page.

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