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Bespoke Research Projects

Drawing on over 55 years’ experience, extensive in-house knowledge and network of industry contacts, we cater for your specific business needs, researching, sourcing and delivering data that provides a platform for informed strategic decision-making.

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Axco Specialist Research

Drive your strategy or enhance your day to day with bespoke information outside of our standard products, investigated for your unique needs. From projects for strategic business decision making or extended work requirements, we work with you to fully understand your processes and information needs and constant communication and explanation of research.


How Axco’s research centre can help

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Experience across global markets

Benefitting from years of visiting each country, we know each market intimately. Understanding and explaining the individual nuances from across the world, we deliver an unsurpassed comparison and understanding of the global markets.

Why Axco

Proven research methodologies

Utilising our robust methodology of cross-checking, interpreting, and validating each country’s data.

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Powered by the latest technology

We use a blend of structured AI and our in-house expertise when collaborating on bespoke projects with our clients. These powerful resource capabilities mean we can capture a vast amount of information and refine it to meet your needs.

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Here are some of the projects we’ve delivered on …


We wanted to assess the size and profitability of a number of target markets as well as determine how insurance products relating to a particular business class are being sold in these markets.


We wanted to ascertain levels of certain commission rates in certain markets and regions in order to set informed benchmarks.


We needed trusted, granular, data - standardised across several countries - to add to our complex strategic model.


We needed bespoke reinsurance data to monitor key market indicators, broken down by line of business, both at regional, country and company level.


Why choose us for bespoke research

Icon Foremost Industry Provider
The foremost industry provider

We are the leading supplier of global insurance market information with over 55 years’ experience in researching and publishing industry intelligence on insurance and employee benefits We continue to raise the bar and evolve.

Icon Market Insights
Better market insights

We supply accurate and timely information on leading market players, market size and structure, distribution channels, and policy coverage and conditions, enabling users to identify commercial opportunities and develop effective marketing strategies.

Icon Impartial Andindependent
Impartial and independent

We work with the market for the market, building relationships and forming communities around the world. Our shared knowledge approach allows us to be completely neutral and unbiased in our data collection and analysis.

Icon Cloud Computing
Dynamic technology

We can research and deliver information according to our clients’ needs, utlising the latest in technology to power integration and easy access to our custom data sets.

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