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Essential information and data in a single source providing reinsurance businesses with a full understanding of the bigger picture of global markets.

From regulatory considerations to local reinsurance arrangements, market participants to technical factors, we work with you to share an in-depth understanding of insurance and reinsurance markets worldwide. Information that delivers a breadth of international detail to enable smart, rational, informed business decision making.

How we help reinsurers

Ensure regulatory compliance

Reduce uncertainty and reputational damage with access to the latest information on the ever-changing world of insurance regulation. Our market experts constantly update and interpret changes and proposed changes to regulation, verified through our expansive worldwide network.

Power strategic decision making

Support business expansion strategies and benchmarking activities with statistics to analyse penetration/concentration of markets, profitability by line of business and more.

Powerful Data

Our focused reinsurance data set delivers crucial insight into reinsurance activity on a market and line of business basis, informing benchmarking and business planning exercises.

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Reinsurance market analysis

Axco’s data analysts examine, translate and validate data obtained from official regulatory sources. Derived key indicators are mapped to Axco’s standard class tree to allow like-for-like market comparisons

Local cedant data

Key indicators are provided at fronting company level and by class/sub-class per country of focus.

Easy market comparison for strategic analysis

Standardised data according to Axco's class tree to enable 'like-for-like’ comparisons across countries and ensures consistent global taxonomy.

Axco products and services for reinsurance companies

Axco also offers a bespoke research service if you have a project with specific requirements. Find out more by visiting this page.

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