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Regulatory Alerts

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Delivering vital developments in insurance regulation, legislation, supervision and premium taxation

Regulatory Alerts provides subscribers with a single, reliable source of intelligence.

Our alerts ensure that your business is guided through the constantly evolving world of global insurance via timely, accurate and impartial customisable updates on recent and proposed developments in regulation, legislation, supervision and premium taxation in over 170 territories across the globe. This information is reinforced with our research expertise, interpretation, translation and delivery using the latest technology.

Key Highlights

  • Updates published as soon as they are verified, summarised in email alerts
  • Crucial developments in compliance, regulation, taxation, and legislation
  • Covers both non-life and life markets for over 170 territories
  • In-house translation and interpretation promptly inform you of changes in the market
  • Customise and filter by country, line of business, time period, topic and regulation status
  • Stay up to date by configuring daily, weekly or monthly email alerts for each of your saved filters
  • View alerts away from the office on your smartphone or tablet

Perfect For

  • Remaining confident of your policy’s compliance with ever-changing legislation around the world
  • Assessing market profitability and identifying commercial opportunities
  • Generating competitive advantage through superior market insights
  • Analysing trends and identifying opportunities within or across markets
  • In-house translation and interpretation promptly inform you of the most impactful changes in the market


Axco’s Regulatory Alerts service delivers regular updates on recent and proposed developments in regulation, legislation, supervision, and premium taxation. The service includes both non-life and life market sectors and covers 170+ territories.

The latest non-life, life and benefits regulation and compliance information

Subscribers can easily filter between life and life and benefits market sectors and search by date, territory and regulation status and all alerts are delivered in a consistent format, categorised under key headings such as legislation, projected legislation, regulation, projected regulation, supervision, taxation, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and court rulings.

Filter by country

Find the territory most relevant to you and your work or set up a saved feed to stay up to date about one or more specific countries.

Filter by line of business

Filter the latest Axco information by all major classes and subclasses of non-life, life and employee benefits insurance markets.

Filter by period

Apply filters to find any insurance market developments between your custom timeframes.

Filter by topic

Find key developments around the world, specific to a certain topic, such as changes to non-admitted fronting, compulsory insurances, taxation, and supervision.

Filter by regulation status

Apply filters to see which regulatory changes are in consultation, discussion, being drafted, or have passed.

Customisable email alerts

Configure daily, weekly, or monthly email alerts for new information in territories that have been updated, based on your requirements.

Save your filters

Save your information requirements by creating a filter. This means you’ll easily be able to access, view and be updated on the information most relevant to your business needs.

Extra non-life detail

More frequent alerts from 100 non-life markets including line of business detail and notice of draft & proposed legislation.

A Global Network

Invaluable local knowledge on a global scale…

Covering 170+ territories globally, and sending our consultants to each individual market, ensures we deliver an unsurpassed level of industry insight, establishing our reputation as the definitive source of industry information.

Icon Unique Research Methods

Unique Research Methods

Our team regularly visit brokers, re/insurers, local supervisors, regulators and insurance associations in territories around the world, building relationships and gathering insight from the local markets, ensuring the reports delivered, are up to date and reliable.

Icon Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

Teams of experienced, in-house research analysts, editors and statisticians ensure that this specialised information resource is supported, maintained, and updated to the highest standards.

Icon Compare Markets

Compare Markets

Because our reports are constructed in specific sections, you can easily navigate between country views and use our integrated customisable report builder to create reports for comparison, ideal for client presentations and business tenders.

Icon Regular Updates

Regular Updates

We regularly monitor market developments to consistently update reports, to ensure you have access to the most reliable and trustworthy figures and information available.

Icon Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

An easy to navigate, single source of market intelligence, accessible through both desktop and mobile devices, that facilitates a more informed and timely business decision making process.

Icon Bespoke Reports

Bespoke Reports

Easily create your own reports based on the countries and information.

Icon Print

Download and Print

Subscribers are able to simultaneously customise and view reports across multiple topics and territories. For convenience, all reports are easily to download and print in PDF format.

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