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Employee Benefits Specialists


Key information to understand and compare the key employee benefits, market practice and emerging trends in global markets.

We provide essential employee benefits information through several services for your organisation or your client, to ensure your employee benefit interests conform to local regulations and typical market practises. We not only cover the latest market developments, but also detail the typical employee benefit practice in 69 markets around the world.

How Axco helps Employee Benefits Specialists

Our dedicated team of expert researchers deliver in-depth analysis of each territory with essential insights into local employee benefits, including details of the state and compulsory benefits, sundry benefits and the central institutions responsible for the benefits’ administration. This unrivalled level of insight is verified via country visits and interviews with local market specialists. 

A deep understanding

Access information covering mandatory employee benefits requirements and typical practices in new and changing markets.

Easily compare markets

The standardised format of our products ensure you can create comparison reports with information covering statutory market requirements and typical benefit practices

Strategic planning and insight

A quick, cost-effective way to track changes to the costs and benefits of social security and mandatory plan requirements.

Who is it for

Our comprehensive intelligence provides indispensable benefits to a wide array of roles and responsibilities, allowing global market insight to aid enhanced business decision making, facilitate client relationships and drive efficiency.

Employee benefits brokers

Assess global needs and trends of changing markets to develop attractive benefits plans for employees and grow your client base in specific territories of interest.

Global HR professionals

Access key insight into international markets to ascertain necessary legislation and market trend information.

Employee benefits consultancies

Stay up to date with the latest trends and mandatory requirements in employee benefits markets around the world to ensure you are ahead of the competition.

Financial services organisations

Identify opportunities and create new products to add value to the services you provide to your valued clients.

Axco products and services for consulting firms

Axco also offers a bespoke research service if you have a project with specific requirements. Find out more by visiting this page.

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