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The World Ahead 2024

Thought Leadership // 15/01/2024
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BY Konrad Petraitis
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Every year, Axco’s Global Risk team looks at developing trends across the globe, which we believe will have a significant impact on our clients. This process brings together all of our risk analysts and incorporates feedback from other insurance specialists inside Axco.

The result is this report, that establishes our base case scenario for the year ahead. The wider process, however, also allows us to stress test our assumptions when the situation on the ground invariably changes and to continuously enhance our risk modelling.

This year will end with a continuation of armed conflicts in Eastern Europe and a novel one in the Middle East. Global economic forecasts also appear bleak in the face of slowing Chinese growth. Many other countries are also facing the prospect of wholescale political transformation as voters demand change.

Despite the headwinds we might face in 2024, our forecasts are not solely based on the potential for doom and gloom. We offer our thoughts not only in the hope of guiding clients through a turbulent geopolitical environment but also to help them find opportunity within it. To that end, we wish you a healthy and prosperous 2024.

Access The World Ahead 2024 report here: go.axcoinfo.com/the-world-ahead-2024.html

In addition to The World Ahead 2024 report, our Global Risk Analysts gather to discuss key themes and learnings from the report in a webinar. Access that here: https://www.axcoinfo.com/webinars-and-events/

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