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Axco’s essential information instantly available across your business

Axco’s market statistics, regulatory information and premium reference data that is available with our suite of products are now available for seamless use in your own systems. Instantly access detailed information on the global insurance market, regularly refreshed and available within your business. Obtain, share, distribute and make decisions faster with our API integration.

Key Highlights

  • Efficiency
  • Our data is readily available across all internal channels, facilitating ease of distribution
  • Innovative
  • Guarantees more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience
  • Future Ready
  • A technology focussed approach helps anticipate change

Perfect For

  • Simplifying internal procedures
  • Sharing and distributing vital insight throughout your business
  • Helping ensure organisations maintain a competitive advantage

Why Choose Us…

Icon Foremost Industry Provider

The foremost industry provider

We are the leading supplier of global insurance market information with over 50 years’ experience in researching and publishing industry intelligence on insurance and employee benefits. We continue to raise the bar and evolve.

Icon Market Insights

Better Market Insights

We supply accurate and timely information on leading market players, market size and structure, distribution channels, and policy coverage and conditions, enabling users to identify commercial opportunities and develop effective marketing strategies.

Icon Impartial Andindependent

Impartial and independent

We work with the market for the market, building relationships and forming communities around the world. Our shared knowledge approach allows us to be completely neutral and unbiased in our data collection and analysis.

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