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We deliver a local view on global insurance markets, ensuring our clients are armed with the insight they require.

Our insight allows global insurers to get to grips with the challenge of understanding individual, unique insurance market regulations. Our information is more than reported facts, we deliver a level of insight that outlines and explains key local market trends and movements, compiled through our unique network of people who work there. From regulations and litigation trends to market statistics by line of business, we provide the information that allows our insurer partners to generate competitive advantage.

How we help insurers

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Reduce uncertainty and reputational damage with access to the latest information on the ever-changing world of insurance regulation. Our market experts constantly update and interpret changes and proposed changes to regulation, verified through our expansive world-wide network.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Ensure business wide understanding and agreement with a single, trusted source of information and insight. Access, understand, compare and easily share essential insight such as  alerts to regulation changes, market size and company analyses.

Power Strategic Decision Making

Support business expansion strategies into new markets/channels. Statistics to analyse penetration/concentration of market, profitability by line of business, growth/decline of the market.

Proactively Manage Network Partners

Minimise the delays in tracking your partner developments, new opportunities or potential risks. Expedite decision making processes and remove language barriers.

Speed Up Internal Processes

Ensure fast and effective information dissemination throughout your business and your customers operations. Subscribers are able to integrate our API technology to integrate trusted data into internal applications, facilitating rapid updates, slicker internal sharing and expedited decision making.

Who is it for


Contains non-admitted vs admitted requirements as well as local operating/registration (for non-admitted) additional requirements like mandatory retentions. Essential data for local requirements given for retentions/cessions/rating requirements for reinsurers (necessary for fronting arrangements).


Empower your business with expert knowledge on specific territories across the globe. Ensure full understanding of market risks with statistics on losses and expenses in order to advise on pricing decisions. Use local line of business specific practice information, including, specific limits/scope of cover, ratings/deductibles to understand, better advise and price accordingly on levels of risk.

Strategy and Marketing

A complete understanding of overseas markets to drive market entry or acquisition business strategy. Granular data ideal for regional and country analysis – look at lob company data, barriers to entry, business and geo-political factors, penetration/concentration of market and profitability by line of business.

Network Managers

Information to drive growth and ongoing understanding of potential and existing network partners.

Life Sciences

Understanding the regulatory liability for clinical trials in jurisdictions around the world, our data provides regulatory and interprets changes and market developments.

Axco products and services for consulting firms

Axco also offers a bespoke research service if you have a project with specific requirements. Find out more by visiting this page.

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