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Employee Benefits Reports

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A comprehensive and reliable source of employee benefits intelligence for 69 territories worldwide

Delivering detailed overviews of all key benefits and market trends, including social security and mandatory employer requirements, as well as typical employer practice intelligence, ensuring you have a clear insight into entering or sustaining your position in a market.

Key Highlights

  • Detailed, up to date benefit market intelligence covering all major employee benefit categories
  • Reliable, employer critical qualitative data
  • Comprehensive employee benefit guides for 69 territories/countries
  • Social security information
  • Vital market information, including political, economic and demographic developments
  • Content is researched, written and verified by industry professionals
  • Customised reports available to download
  • New market information for Human Resource departments

Perfect For

  • Understanding mandatory employee requirements in new markets
  • Comparing typical employer practice
  • Ensuring employer certainty for payroll costs
  • Strategic planning and insight
  • A knowledge of termination indemnities and cost to business of termination of employee contracts
  • A quick, cost-effective way to track changes to the costs and benefits of social security and mandatory benefits requirements
  • Creating customised reports to satisfy your specific data requirements across territories of interest
  • Keeping track of major benefit reform
  • Creating customised reports by topic and multiple territories to facilitate client presentations and business tendering

Report Contents

Researched and written by specialists, our Employee Benefits Reports provide a detailed overview of a wide range of benefits in each of the territories covered. These in-depth reports deliver information on typical employer practice, social security and mandatory benefits, covering all major benefit categories and including detailed summaries of plan types and eligibility criteria, contributions and vesting, general taxation overview and other essential data.

Reliable information

Sourced by our unique network across the world. Our information is also researched and verified by written by our in-house industry experts.

Layout enables comparison

Insights from 69 territories worldwide are supported by sophisticated reporting by topic, territory or region, enabling comparison across markets

Covers major benefit categories

Information also covers retirement, death disablement, as well as medical benefits, employee leave and more

Information that works for you

Reports are customisable and downloadable in PDF format and can be printed for convenience

Optional Add-On

Expand your knowledge by supplementing information from Axco's Life and Benefits Reports. Covering 170+ countries, reports contents include employee benefits as well as pensions scheme types and social security coverage.

A Global Network

Invaluable local knowledge on a global scale…

Covering 69 territories across the globe, and sending our consultants to each individual market, ensures we deliver an unsurpassed level of industry insight, establishing our reputation as the definitive source of industry information.

Icon Unique Research Methods

Unique Research Methods

Our team regularly visit brokers, insurers, local supervisors, reinsurers and insurance associations in territories around the world, building relationships and gathering insight from the local markets, ensuring the reports delivered are up to date and reliable.

Icon Expert Analysis

Expert Analysis

Our reports are fully researched and written by our dedicated in-house team of experts and research analysts to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Icon Compare Markets

Compare Markets

With improved navigation, you can now compare multiple markets with just a few clicks, whilst creating customised reports, ideal for client presentations and business tenders.

Icon Regular Updates

Regular Updates

Liaising with supervisory bodies and insurance associations, we regularly monitor market developments, and supplement the written detail to ensure the most up to date figures and information are available.

The Axco Portal

An easy to navigate, single source of market intelligence, that facilitates a more informed and timely business decision making process.

Icon Customised Report

Create Custom Reports

With recently improved navigation, our data driven reports are fully customisable to your needs, be it across single or multiple territories, the comprehensive data variables are easy to tailor and digest.

Icon Print

Customise, Download and Print

Subscribers are able to simultaneously customise and view reports across multiple topics and territories. For convenience all reports are easily to download and print in PDF format.

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