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Risky Business - the important themes, trends & events that may shape 2023

Thought Leadership // 01/02/2023
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BY Dan Ridler
The World Ahead 2023


2023 has arrived with concern in the air. From inflation to recession, war in Europe to cyber risks,  environmental risks and natural catastrophes to strikes, the mood doesn’t feel particularly optimistic.

Every year, Axco’s Global Risk team looks at the major themes which we think will play an important role in the coming months. This process lets us draw a map of the terrain ahead and points out the tripwires for when real life deviates, as it almost always does.

We don’t imagine we will be right about everything, but it calls us to question why things are going off the path we expected and whether that indicates an underlying trend we need to address.

Some of this report touches on new risks and some follow from themes we identified last year. The year ahead may not be easy, and it certainly isn’t easy to predict. We offer our thoughts and hope that it encourages you to consider how these underlying trends might affect you and your business.


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