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  • The unique complexities of clinical trials
    Clinical Trials Insurance

    As the global focus looks to pharmaceutical companies for a vaccine to combat the transmission of coronavirus, it is worth reflecting upon the intricacies of clinical trials and the often complex nature of clinical trials insurance.... Read more

  • Should Insurers Influence Behaviour?
    Should Insurers Influence Behaviour?

    The insurance industry is trying to sharpen up the way it does business. Increasing ranges of policies are looking to use data to improve their risks and consequently, to improve their pricing and customer service. What is the impact on the customer's behaviour and the insurer from these efforts to redefine risk costs by the industry?... Read more

  • Brexit: Origins and Impacts for the Risk and Insurance Industry
    Brexit: Origins and Impacts for the Risk and Insurance Industry

    Political risks often fly under the radar for many firms, but surveys of risk managers both in mature and emerging markets increasingly show they are worried about them. In the United Kingdom, Brexit is exposing long standing economic and social frustrations and threatening to create significant disruption for organisations and businesses. ... Read more

  • Aviation: Impact of Boeing Crash
    Aviation: Impact of Boeing 737 MAX 8 Crash

    On Sunday 10 March 2019, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft crashed in Ethiopia, killing all 157 passengers on board. The airline was owned and operated by Ethiopian Airways and the plane crashed 6 minutes after take-off. The crash could have vast international implications as passengers from 35 different countries were on board the Kenya-bound flight.... Read more

  • Turkey’s Auto-Enrolment Opt-Outs Soar
    Turkey’s Auto-Enrolment Opt-Outs Soar

    If auto-enrolment (AE) is the big idea nudging a reluctant world into retirement saving, its attractions are not lost on Turkish policymakers. Otomatik Kalinin Sistemi (OKS), launched a two-year staged roll-out to employers from January 2017. Despite tax incentives, however, enrolled employees have voted with their feet. More than half opted-out in 2017 and total membership actually fell in 2018. So, where’s it gone wrong?... Read more

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