Axco Special Reports

Axco also produces a variety of Special Reports, which have evolved from client feedback and are tailored to specific aspects of the global insurance market. These reports form a complementary addition to the Insurance Market Reports product and are not an Axco product-wide feature.

London Market

Axco's London Market report provides a comprehensive account of the London Market, which forms a distinct and separate part of the UK insurance and reinsurance market and is a world leader in a number of lines of business. 

With details of local non-admitted positions, supervisory and industry bodies, an overview of the London insurance market and its key players, as well as market, company, and Lloyd's of London statistics broken down by line of business, the London Market report forms a convenient and valuable resource for Axco subscribers wishing to acquaint themselves with one of the most distinct parts of the international insurance industry. 

EU Legislation

In the EU Legislation report, Axco offers an in-depth but accessible guide for insurance professionals navigating the continually evolving complexities of insurance legislation, regulation and supervision within and among European Union (EU) member states and third parties. 

Regularly updated detail on the directives, decisions, regulations and recommendations applicable to the insurance industry is supplied by line of business, product line, and key areas of interest such as freedom to provide services, solvency, and non-contractual obligations. 

The report also includes detail on the evolution of EU and its various legislative processes, and is supported by comprehensive appendices containing all relevant EU legislation organised in chronological order and by status of transposition, repeal and amendment. 

Bermuda (International Market)

This Special Report forms an invaluable resource for Axco subscribers seeking to familiarise themselves with the Bermuda international market, which occupies a unique position within the global insurance industry as the world's leading captive domicile. 

The report contains vital information on market size, key market players, and distribution channels, and can be used both to increase general awareness of the structure and practices of this market and to find specific information.  Applicable insurance legislation, regulation and taxation are outlined to provide a clear guide to local compliance requirements, and the more unique elements of the Bermudian international market, such as captives and captive management, are covered in extensive detail.

CIMA Legislation

The CIMA Legislation report offers a useful introductory guide to the Conference Interafricaine des Marches d'Assurances (CIMA) and is a vital resource for anyone wishing to do insurance business in francophone West Africa. 

The report helps subscribers to navigate the supranational insurance legislation of the 14 member states of the CIMA organisation, and also includes detail on the non-admitted positions, distribution channels and supervisory structure applicable in these states. 

Providing insurance professionals with a valuable source of information on this little-known but important supranational insurance organisation, the Axco CIMA Legislation report can be used as a first-time introduction to the organisation or to consolidate existing knowledge of CIMA and its associated bodies and rules.  

International Agreements

Axco's International Agreements report is a useful complementary guide to those international agreements that affect the operation of international insurance business and that are referred to across many Axco products. 

Reporting specifically on agreements relating to aviation and passenger liability, marine oil pollution liability, marine passenger and luggage liability, and nuclear liability, this report includes valuable information to help Axco subscribers navigate the cumulative record of agreements to which many countries adhere and to understand how it affects insurance business today. 

International Agreements details the signatories, dates, objectives, and agreed liability limits of each agreement covered, resulting in an easily accessible supplement to Axco's range of extensive information on international insurance legislation. 

International Life

Axco's International Life report is an exhaustive account of international life assurance, designed to provide a single source of intelligence on the various international life assurance markets across the globe, which together transact a significant volume of life assurance business.  Ireland, Isle of Man and Luxembourg are addressed comprehensively throughout the report, and other financial centres are reported on in detail where appropriate. 

This report can be used to get a feel for the international life market as a whole, as well as to identify the key market players and products written in each territory and establish the different legislative, regulatory, tax and supervisory systems applicable in each location.  The information provided is supplemented with comprehensive appendices detailing market and company statistics.