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From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe


Axco secures information on a market-by-market basis to deliver the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date information available on insurance and employee benefits. Axco consultant writers regularly visit each of the territories on which we report to gather intelligence and insight into the local market from face-to-face meetings with industry contacts. This unique process of obtaining local insurance and employee benefits market information on a global basis is used for all Axco reports*, and we continue to develop the scope of territories covered in response to our clients' needs. 

For certain products, Axco now covers over 180 territories across the globe, categorised into six key regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Americas & the Caribbean, and Asia & Australasia. Subscriptions to Axco information can be tailored by country and region to our clients' preferences.

For more information about special reports, including the London Market, EU Legislation, Bermuda (International Market), International Agreements, International Life and CIMA Legislation, please click here.

*From time to time, access to certain territories may be prohibited, unsafe or impractical. In such cases, Axco makes every effort to update and republish as much information as possible using information gathered from outside the territory. We are also often able to provide our clients with basic regulatory and tax compliance information for those territories on which we do not or can not report.

A list of the territories covered by each Axco product can be viewed using the country coverage search tool.