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Axco’s ‘The World Ahead’ Report analyses key risks of 2022

Press // 25/01/2022
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Covid-19 has dominated the past two years but, whilst cases continue to rise, the new year brings a new set of risks into stark focus, Axco’s Global Risk team have unpacked what they believe could be the key risks that may shape the world ahead, looking at factors across political, security and climate risks, among others.

The report – The World Ahead 2022 - is now published and available now.

With Russian troops massed on the Ukrainian border and inflation hitting highs, the year ahead looks to be no less tumultuous, but that’s not to say there aren’t green shoots of positivity breaking through also.

“Even against the backdrop of increasing geopolitical risk, rising living costs and an ongoing pandemic, we believe there is a strong chance this year will be a fundamentally good one for many”

To stay ahead of an ever-changing world, download Axco’s The World Ahead 2022 report.

Articles included in this free report:

  • Backsliding Doors: Does Democratic Decline Matter?
  • Resource Nationalism – Here to Stay?
  • Inflation Stalks Prospects of Global Recovery
  • The Global Impact of China’s Slowdown
  • Protest Risks Diverge as Uneven Recovery Continues
  • Away from Hotspots, Interstate Wars a Low but Latent Threat
  • Supply Chain Outlook Brightens Despite a Bout of Long Covid
  • Will the Great Resignation Continue?
  • From Pandemic to Endemic? Covid-19 in 2022
  • The Growing Risk of a Climate Backlash

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