The World Ahead

An analysis of key risks of 2022


We entered 2022 with COVID-19 still very much at the forefront of global scrutiny, inflation worries and increasing political risk; but is the outlook for the year ahead particularly worrying? Find out what is on the minds of Axco’s risk analysts who have identified and analysed many of the key geopolitical risks that may shape the year ahead.

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We don’t claim to know exactly how the issues will work out, but we will continue to update our beliefs as we monitor the way the world unfolds. Hopefully we can help our readers to do the same.

Axco’s Global Risk Intelligence and Data (GRID) team

Monitoring emerging risks around the world, particularly those which affect the strategic activities of governments, companies and individuals.

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Our annual look ahead is a part of that system, and we hope that as we share some of our thoughts for the coming year, they help to frame and inspire your own analysis. As always, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the world as it unfolds, updating our assessments and re-evaluating our assumptions

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