Insurance Market
Reports (Non-life)

Axco Insurance Market Reports offer a uniquely detailed and comprehensive insight into the global non-life (P&C) insurance industry, combining the legislative and regulatory requirements, insurance market developments, and insurance market statistics of over 170 territories worldwide. Reports are set out market by market and follow an easy to navigate, consistent format for ease of use.

Provide detail on compliance requirements and facilitate risk assessment

Axco’s Insurance Market Reports contain essential insurance regulation and tax compliance information, including non-admitted positions, compulsory insurance classes, insurance taxes, tariffs and charges, and the fines and penalties that may apply for contraventions of local legislation and regulation.

Information is also provided on company registration and operating requirements, including types of licence, capital requirements, limits on foreign ownership and solvency margins. Focused line of business information is supplied to assist in the assessment of risk, with detailed information on ratings and deductibles, scope of cover, loss experience, and trends in court awards. Data on natural hazards is also provided.

Valuable insight into emerging markets

Axco closely monitors insurance market developments and all reports supply accurate and up-todate information on leading market players, market size and structure, distribution channels, and policy coverage and conditions, enabling users to identify commercial opportunities and develop effective marketing strategies.

Researched and written by Axco consultants across the globe

Axco Insurance Market Reports are researched, written and regularly updated by experienced Axco consultants who visit local supervisors, insurance associations, insurers, reinsurers and brokers in each of the territories covered, gathering vital information and providing in-depth analysis of the local market. All reports are also supplemented with data from our in-house statistics team, who are continually sourcing the most recently-released official insurance statistics from across the globe.

Customise, download and print

Axco subscribers can tailor reports to their requirements, and information on multiple topics and territories can be viewed simultaneously. Reports are downloadable in PDF format and can be printed for convenience.

Product Snapshot

  • Non-life insurance market information for over 170 territories
  • Detailed, up-to-date market intelligence and statistics
  • Essential legislative, insurance regulatory and tax compliance information
  • Insurance market overview, distribution channels, market size, structure and key players
  • All major lines of non-life business covered
  • Comprehensive appendices containing market statistics, company statistics, and directory of key market contacts
  • Download in PDF format and print for convenience
  • Create customised reports to facilitate client presentations and business tendering