Employee Benefits Reports

Axco's Employee Benefits Reports form a comprehensive and reliable source of online insurance market intelligence for 69 territories worldwide. Focusing on both developed and developing employee benefits markets, the reports provide a detailed overview of all key benefits in each of the territories covered, as well as vital emerging market information including political, economic and demographic developments.

Comprehensive and detailed analysis of employee benefits markets across the globe

Reports deliver essential information on social security and 'typical practice' in each market, and help to identify potential shortfalls or over-provision in benefits by providing detail on: social security provision; mandatory schemes; employer-sponsored retirement; ill-health, medical, dependants' provision; and other plans or benefits, including stock options, company cars and more.

Benefits data is supplemented with detailed reference to plan types, eligibility, retirement ages, contribution rates, vesting requirements, taxation and other essential data.

All key benefits

Topics covered include retirement and pensions, death in service benefits, short-term sickness, long-term disability, medical benefits, workers' compensation, personal accident insurance, termination indemnities, resident expatriates, maternity benefits and leave, and political, economic, and demographic information and statistics.

Researched and written by industry professionals

All reports are researched, written and verified by industry professionals with considerable experience in international benefits. Reports are regularly reviewed and updated to provide the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and relevance.

Sophisticated data customisation

Axco's Employee Benefits Reports give quick and easy access to up-to-date benefits market information using a system that allows for sophisticated reporting by topic, territory or region. Reports are downloadable in PDF format and can be printed for convenience.

Product Snapshot

  • Comprehensive, accurate and reliable information on all key benefits
  • Covering 69 employee benefits markets worldwide
  • Social security and/or mandatory plans, typical employer-sponsored benefits and all other main forms of benefit
  • Detailed reference to plan types, eligibility, contribution rates, taxation and more
  • Crucial compliance information
  • Retirement and pensions, workers' compensation, personal accident, resident expatriates, economic and demographic data and more
  • Create customised reports by topic, territory and region to facilitate client presentations and business tendering
  • Download and print customised reports for easy reference

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