Compliance Point

Compliance Point combines Axco's established expertise in insurance regulation with an intuitive taxes and charges calculation tool to help insurers, reinsurers, brokers and insureds assess the compliance status and mandatory taxes and charges of their unique insurance programmes.

The definitive compliance solution for the international insurance industry

Compliance Point informs users as to whether they can write or place business in a particular location and automatically calculates the taxes and charges that will apply to do so, outlining who pays which charges and to whom.

Accuracy and time-saving efficiencies

Ensuring that insurance programmes are fully compliant is a necessary part of doing insurance business today, but while keeping track of the many legislative, regulatory, supervisory and tax requirements across the globe can be both a challenging and time-consuming task, Compliance Point eases the burden and can help to improve workflow and enhance productivity.

Compliance Point brings together all relevant compliance and tax data for over 260 territories and highlights any contradictions to provide insurance professionals with a single, regularly updated source of reliable compliance and tax information.

For insurers, brokers and insureds

Compliance Point has been designed for use by anyone at any stage in the insurance process to provide insurers, brokers and insureds with a common base of information and calculations, and allow all those involved to establish the same results for a given insurance programme. 

Both a tool and an information resource

As a tool, Compliance Point can be used to help assess and monitor the compliance and tax status of unique insurance programmes; as an information resource, it includes useful features such as Compliance Report and information buttons.

Easy integration

Integrating Compliance Point into existing processes and systems for calculating taxes and charges is simple; data from existing spreadsheets can be easily imported, and programmes can be exported in Excel format or saved in XML format for import back into Compliance Point at a later stage.

Product Snapshot

  • Programme-specific compliance information in an intelligent questioning tool
  • As a tool: calculates who needs to pay which taxes and charges and to whom
  • Can be used throughout a policy's lifecycle by insurers, reinsurers, brokers and insureds
  • Import and export data using Excel and XML
  • Data for over 260 territories, including Australia, Canada and the United States
  • As a resource: accurate and up-to-date information on compliance, taxes and charges
  • Provides a common base of understanding to tax calculations and an auditable trail
  • Compliance Report and information button features