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Axco Releases Enhancements to its Regulatory Alerts Service

Press // 16/12/2019
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Reg Alerts

Axco’s Product Release Simplifies and Speeds Alerts to Changes in Global Insurance Regulation

Developments reflect the ever-changing global landscape

16 December, 2019

Axco, a leading insurance and employee benefits information provider, has announced enhancements to its Regulatory Alerts service which provides information on changes in more than 173 global insurance markets. New features strengthen Axco’s robust research model and place a focus on customising the user experience.  A new design makes it easier and more efficient to navigate the information.

Cross-border risk transactions demand an understanding of multiple sets of rules and regulations to ensure compliance. Typically, those working with, or building multinational insurance programmes must deal with the pressures of monitoring a regulatory landscape across the world that is very often subject to change and evolution.

The release includes more frequent non-life (P&C) insurance information alerts, compiled from improved research methods and technological advances. The service features customisable daily, weekly or monthly email notifications covering 100 countries, including both established and developing non-life insurance markets. It also introduces personalisation to allow users to filter and save information by country, line of business, time period, topic and regulation status, relevant to their business needs.

Axco’s in-house industry expertise and market experience, combined with powerful technology, has enabled Axco to deliver not only the information people require but to do it in a quicker, more direct fashion, tailored to how users configure their filters.

Jolle Wever, Managing Director at Axco, said, “It is important for a leading brand to listen to its users and so we have decided to develop our services to meet their specific needs further. We know that people working in this ever-changing global environment need to be confident in their ability to react to the latest global developments in regulation and legislation. Our prompt in-house interpretation and translation of essential regulatory developments meet these needs.”

More information available here >.

About Axco: Axco is a global leader in market intelligence and data with over 50 years’ experience in researching and publishing industry information on insurance and employee benefits. Axco gathers powerful local data through its network of professional industry relationships and delivers insightful, impartial information to companies and markets around the world. For more information visit: www.axcoinfo.com

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About Axco insurance intelligence

Axco is the leading supplier of global insurance market information with over 55 years’ experience in researching and publishing industry intelligence on insurance and employee benefits. Its unique business model and methods of research have enabled the development of an extensive suite of products comprising in-depth reports, focused profiles, Q&A databases, intelligent questioning tools, and email services which are delivered to every corner of the globe.

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