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Key Highlights

Get access to Axco’s online product for a comprehensive understanding of employee benefits in the Unites States of America

  • Details of the state and compulsory benefits
  • Insight into typical market practice
  • Examines changes to the costs and benefits of social security and mandatory benefits requirements
  • Demographic and economic information including projections
  • Mandatory pension provision, normal and parental leave and other state benefits
  • Details of applicable taxation
  • Extensive geopolitical and operational risk analysis

Report Overview

Comprehensive employee benefits information for the United States of America. Details mandatory benefits and plans as well as typical market practice. Includes data on pensions and retirement benefits, employee leave and termination indemnities.

Axco's employee benefits report for the USA provides expert analysis of the American benefits landscape, detailing state and compulsory benefits and local market practice across necessary to know when employing staff in the USA or thinking of entering the market.

The comprehensive report is produced by a dedicated research team with years of experience in international employee benefits. The report outlines all key benefits in the USA, including insight into changes to the costs and benefits of social security and mandatory benefits requirements, as well as typical employer practice. Information and necessary details on new legislative mandates are regularly updated to ensure you remain compliant.

Suitable for international employee benefits consultants, brokers or corporates looking at establishing business in the USA, the report outlines the employment benefits requirements for your employees in the USA. Coverage extends to retirement benefits, death in service benefits, long-term disability, medical benefits, workers compensation, personal accident insurance, termination indemnities, maternity benefits & maternity/paternity benefits and other employee and state benefits.

Axco analysts also report on the economy of the USA, the local political situation, and climate, operational, and security risks.

United States Report Extract

Below is a very brief extract of information from the USA Employee Benefits Report; more updated information may be available in the latest published report.


Benefit Provider

State & Compulsory Benefits

Retirement benefits are provided through the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) programme (known locally as Social Security), administered by the Social Security Administration.

In addition, some states have enacted legislation to facilitate state-sponsored retirement programs in the private sector. Employers are not required to contribute to state-sponsored retirement programs. However, action may be required to ensure compliance with the state legislation, such as enrolling employees into a Roth IRA (individual retirement account)...

Typical Employer Practice

401(k) plans

401(k) plans are provided on a defined contribution (DC) basis. Benefits are fully funded.

Traditional pension plans

Traditional pension plans are provided on a ...

The report contains more information on retirement benefits including Benefit Provider; Type of Plan; Eligibility; Retirement Age; Pensionable Salary; Vesting and more

Termination Indemnities

Benefit provider

State & Compulsory Benefits

Termination indemnities are provided by employers through severance pay and the length of service benefit; the length of service benefit may be financed through a supplementary pension plan (see Retirement section for detail).

Typical Employer Practice

Employers do not typically provide supplementary termination indemnities.

More information on Eligibility; When Benefit is Paid; Benefit details and the associated Taxation applicable to termination indemnities is available in the report.

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