Insurance Report Reviewer

Freelance Position

Main purpose

Fact-checking and validating the content of Axco's main products to maintain our high standards of accuracy.

Key Duties

Fact-checking. Ensuring that all information is accurate, including checking against sources and checking statistics.

Validation. Ensuring there are no contradictions within the report in statistics or text, or between the product databases.

Market overview. Ensuring that the writer has given an insightful description of the market and key developments and current trends.

Presentation. Ensuring that as many of the Questionnaire points are covered as are appropriate for a country and that any omissions are rectified. Ensuring that the text has been updated and PTB queries answered. Ensuring that all the text is presented as per the Tagged Document(s).

Grammar and style. Ensuring that the text is written clearly and that the facts and comments appear in the appropriate sections and that the report must read coherently. The text should be checked against the Axco House Style Guide.


The person in this role will:

Contact Us

If you can demonstrate that you meet the criteria above, please submit your CV to axco@axcoinfo.com

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