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Insights and analysis of the latest news and trends affecting the insurance and employee benefits industries

Life Sciences: The Role of Technology

13 December 2017

tech life sciences

The prevention, diagnosis and cure of disease involves constant research and testing of new procedures. In the modern age, medical devices perform a critical role in the lives of millions of people across the world. How do they fit into the world of insurance? Axco examines further.... Read more »

Changing Models in Medical Insurance: Evolving Cost Structures

12 December 2017

changing models

CVS Health Corp has offered to buy Aetna Inc., the third largest US health insurer, for a reported eye-watering $69bn (the deal awaits regulatory approval). Soon after that, McKesson Corp announced an agreement to purchase CVS’ RxCrossroads. With news that Amazon may now enter the market, the dynamics are shifting.... Read more »

From Brazil to Brunei: The Effect of Oil on the Insurance Industry

13 November 2017

brazil to brunei

Brazil could be the next hotspot for the oil industry but Brunei is struggling. Axco examines recent events and the future of these two differing economies, as well as discussing the oil trends’ effect on the insurance industry, including employee benefits.... Read more »

The Promise and Perils of Insurance Blockchains

10 October 2017


After years of hype and investment, tangible blockchain systems for the insurance industry are finally beginning to emerge. Blockchains are distributed ledgers of transaction data, which can record, verify and transfer information across many parties. Ranvir Saggu, CEO of the insurance startup Blocksure, has described the technology as digital carbon paper, instantaneously sharing and verifying information and enforcing trust among participants.... Read more »

Drones and Their Recent Use in Natural Disasters

10 October 2017


Drones have been recently and exponentially employed to significant effect in several industry sectors. Following the miniaturisation of gyroscope, sensor and battery tech, the application of drones has expanded rapidly from the consumer market, and into various professional and public services.... Read more »