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Insights and analysis of the latest news and trends affecting the insurance and employee benefits industries

Belt and Road Recipients Balance Strategic Risks with Economic Opportunities

20 May 2018

belt and road china 2018

China's Belt and Road Initiative has attracted governments seeking funding for much-needed infrastructure projects, especially in developing countries with acute population and fiscal pressures. The Asian Development Bank estimates that the region needs USD 26trn to fund infrastructure gaps to 2030. ... Read more »

The Balance of Benefit: Saving South Americans from Poverty

17 May 2018

balancing benefits south america

In its most primitive form, a social security system is a poverty reduction and prevention tool. Modern day system structures include multiple levels, known as tiers or pillars, the lowest of which provides basic 'safety net' benefits and keeps a focus on combatting poverty. Ascertaining and maintaining suitable benefit values is a delicate balance; some countries manage this by linking benefit formulae to economic performance. Axco's Peta A.D. Alvares examines the contrasting methods employed in the Chilean and Peruvian social security systems.... Read more »

The Time to Act Is Now

31 January 2018

talent retention act now

As employers worry over the impact of Brexit on their workforce retention rates, Thomas Lam of Axco Insurance advocates employers adopting a holistic approach. A robust flexible employee benefits scheme would include traditional insurance benefits, prevention wellness services, wealth planning and non-core benefits.

UK employers are facing fresh challenges posed by the Brexit phenomenon and it is imperative that employers take a proactive approach to retaining well qualified and skilled employees.... Read more »

Life Sciences: The Role of Technology

17 December 2017

tech life sciences

The prevention, diagnosis and cure of disease involves constant research and testing of new procedures. In the modern age, medical devices perform a critical role in the lives of millions of people across the world. How do they fit into the world of insurance? Axco examines further.... Read more »

Relief from the Storms: Examining the impact in the Eastern Caribbean

15 December 2017

hurricanes east caribbean

On the island of Barbuda, 90% of island houses were badly damaged or destroyed, while in nearby Sint Maarten, that figure was more than 95%. Of course, it’s not just buildings that have been affected; many power, road and communication networks have been entirely wiped out. Economic losses from Hurricane Irma alone have been touted to reach USD 300bn in its entire storm path, read more to find out what that means for the East Caribbean.... Read more »