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How Will Kenya Fare in the Green Bond Market?

How Will Kenya Fare in the Green Bond Market?

Kenya enters the green bond market. What are the possible implications for the country and potential investors?

In May 2018, the Kenyan Treasury Principal Secretary, Dr Kamau Thugge, announced that Kenya would start planning the legal framework to support issuing green bonds, the culmination of a journey started in 2016 at the United Nations Environment Assembly. The proposition was suggested by Amina J. Mohammed, then Nigeria’s Minister of Environment and now Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.... Read more »

When Stakes are High


Axco has published an overview of the political risk insurance (PRI) market and forecasts potential reforms and developments in global territories.... Read more »

India’s Healthcare Plans: Will They Take Off?

modi announces new india healthcare plans

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made two key announcements in his Independence Day speech, bolstering support for re-election next year.

He pledged to launch India’s first manned space mission by 2020 to make India the fourth country to do so, elevating the Indian’s pride in their country’s status.

He continued with an announcement to roll out a health insurance system from September, helping protect poor families from the cost of illness.... Read more »

Social Media, Reputational Risk and Crisis Communications

Tips to Manage Your Company's Online Reputation

It is estimated that by 2019, there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe. Drawn by its global reach and often instantaneous reactions, companies are often keen to exploit the tools to communicate positive marketing messages. The same attractions however, can also serve to amplify certain risks and reputational damage is a very real danger associated with social media’s power.

Axco's case study examines in detail how best to manage the risk to reputation in a social media crisis.... Read more »

Laos: The Reasons For Market Potential

laos insurance potential 2018

Laos is laying the foundations for positive insurance market developments over the next decade. The reorientation of its foreign policy to encourage integration with regional neighbours means that Laos is actively priming itself for future growth. With strong ties to neighbouring countries such as Vietnam, a rapidly developing market itself with a similar non-life insurance penetration, Laos is positioned to be a potential prospect in a region that insurers are keen to explore.... Read more »