International employee benefits

In-depth and summarised information on pensions and retirement benefits, workers' compensation, personal accident, resident expatriates, demographics and more.

In the constantly evolving world of international employee benefits, Axco's consultant writers and team of dedicated in-house research professionals work collaboratively to gather accurate and up-to-date employee benefits information from 69 territories around the world; delivering this information through the products and systems that best suit our clients' needs.

For a thorough analysis of the employee benefits environment, Employee Benefits Reports provide comprehensive information and detail of state or compulsory plans, as well as delivering regular updates on significant changes to typical local practice. Extensive detail on social security is provided along with all predominant employee benefit types and vital market information such as political, economic and demographic developments.

Insight EB provides a summarised insight into the key benefits of your chosen markets. The interactive tool allows you to quickly monitor mandatory benefits and typical employer practice side by as well as offering companies the functionality to customise the product with their own brand, logo and proprietary information.

Axco's Life & Benefits Insurance Market Reports, which focus primarily on life and healthcare insurance and pensions markets, also contain detail on social security and employer practice. With over 170 territories covered, Insurance Market Reports extend the provision of Axco's essential employee benefits information to a wider range of countries.