When analysing the landscape of emerging digital companies in the insurance sector, granular, industry-specific information can be the critical factor to determine success. ITR Connect is the only insurance-led, rigorously screened research data base that allows you to position and rank the companies that matter most.

With professional and cost effective reports, ratings and management insights on insurance technology companies around the world; ITR Connect helps you make better and faster decisions on the digital transformation of your business.


InsurTech provides an exciting opportunity to enhance and, in some instances, disrupt traditional insurance markets. The challenge for market participants is how to assess and position these new technology-led entrants, to best incorporate new offerings into their current services.


The ITR Connect platform provides fast, up-to-date and cost effective reports, ratings and professional understanding of InsurTech companies around the world. Our powerful analytics tool allows you to generate your own macro insights to inform strategic decision making and a unique two tiered reporting structure, answers the “so what”, as well as drilling down to more detailed information enhanced by management interviews.


ITR Connect is designed by market specialists with years of business experience in insurance, research and technology . Our team are focused purely on critically examining the global InsurTech landscape, analysing the players and allowing you quicker access to the information your decisions depend on.


ITR Connect's industry data analysis and expert insight provide you with invaluable additional market perspectives, supplementing your own research and giving you a higher level of confidence in decision making. A less costly solution to internal research, ITR Connect also can save you money by avoiding the cost of delay and missed opportunities.

A Joint Venture

The Digital Insurer is the world’s leading global forum on digital insurance, specialising in thought leadership on the impact of technology on the insurance industry. With a community of more than 30,000 people, The Digital Insurer is committed to working together to accelerate the digital transformation of insurance.

Established Specialists

For more than 50 years, Axco has supplied the most complete market intelligence to the world's insurance industry. With sector insight and intelligence gathered locally and data that verified, analysed and structured into a global standard for cross-border comparison; Axco information is trusted information.

Parmjeet Kaur

Parmjeet is Head of Research at ITR Connect responsible for insightful, objective analysis and ratings of technology-led companies.  With 25 years experience as an Insurance Technology Consultant for insurers, brokers and consultancies in life and non-life markets, she is focused on aligning research to the needs of customer.

Les Wong

Les has more than 35 years experience in the industry with leading insurers and brokers in senior executive  and consultant roles. As Head of Client Implementation, his understanding of issues and trends affecting companies and the industry helps guide customers towards better informed decisions.