Welcome relevance, precision and clarity to your information world

Responding to the needs of its reinsurer clients, Axco is pleased to launch its first reinsurance specific information service.

Using a Q&A format, Insight Re brings focus and simplicity to reinsurance regulatory information. The carefully designed question set covers all key regulatory issues as well as providing essential market context.

With Insight Re:

    Confirm the reinsurance programmes you write are globally compliant
    Understand the effect that local market constraints will have on your business
    Avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance
    Ensure correct payment of taxes and charges
Axco reinsurance markets

Keep track of fast-paced regulatory and legislative change

Axco concentrates its research on rapidly evolving reinsurance markets, assisting users in monitoring mandatory local retentions and cessions as well as any applicable taxes and charges. All BRICs and CIVETS territories as well as key Asia-Pacific, European and South American countries are covered. 

Flexible information at your fingertips

Insight Re
is delivered through the Axco Insight platform which allows users to customise the way in which they view information.

  • Limit report output to information relevant to your requirements

  • Compare information across multiple different markets

  • Annotate Axco information with your company-own data

  • Add questions and answers specific to your business

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