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A TACTical solution to the problem of an ever-increasing compliance burden

19 April 2017

Axco and Impendulo have combined their expertise in insurance regulation and insurance premium tax to launch 'TACT' (Tax and Compliance Tools), an innovative tax and compliance solution targeted at multinational insurers, risk managers and brokers.

The insurance regulatory environment is becoming ever more complex, with regulation increasing exponentially across the globe. To ensure they remain compliant and avoid penalties, reputational damage or lost business opportunities, international insurers must contend with fundamental changes to tax regimes in numerous jurisdictions.

The challenge of keeping track of these variances is often exacerbated by the disconnection of in-house compliance and tax functions. Covering over 260 of the world's territories, TACT addresses the dual challenges of regulatory compliance and tax in the placement of multi-national programmes and, unlike existing solutions, can be tailored specifically to the individual requirements of customers.

Designed with a powerful, flexible API platform that seamlessly integrates with customer's own infrastructure, TACT brings clarity and simplicity to global compliance. The "TACT Engine" combines several databases from both Axco and Impendulo into a single source of market leading compliance, regulatory and tax information

Visit the TACT page to learn more and to contact your Axco Representative